Virtual Library

From this page, one can explore a sampling of digitized sources connected to Imagining Musical Pasts and Lee, Newmarch, and Prime-Stevenson. While most of these sources (with the notable exception of Prime-Stevenson’s self-published sexological writings) were published for general readership and many have been digitized by major libraries and archives, I aim to bring them together here to consider how they might function together as a kind of queer musicological archive. Along with stable external links to each source or group of sources (or related writings when the sources themselves are not so widely available), I have included a full citation with author and publication information, and a brief annotation.

Additional sources related to Lee, Newmarch, and Prime-Stevenson will also be linked and discussed on the blog. While Prime-Stevenson’s last two self-published works on music, Long-Haired Iopas and A Repertory of One Hundred Symphonic Programmes, are not currently digitized, I will be posting excerpts and discussion of these books on the blog throughout October 2023.

Musicology, Biography, Criticism, and Other Research:

Vernon Lee, “The Art of Singing, Past and Present”

Vernon Lee, Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy

Vernon Lee, Music and Its Lovers

Rosa Newmarch, Tchaikovsky: His Life and Works

Rosa Newmarch (translator), The Life and Letters of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

Rosa Newmarch, Henry J. Wood and Mary Wakefield

“M.”, “Mrs. Rosa Newmarch”

Charles Chassé, “La Musique anglaise moderne: Une Interview avec Rosa Newmarch”

Edward Prime-Stevenson (as “Xavier Mayne”): The Intersexes: A History of Similisexualism as a Problem in Social Life

Fiction and Poetry

Vernon Lee, “A Wicked Voice”

Rosa Newmarch, Horae Amoris and Songs to a Singer

Edward Prime-Stevenson, Her Enemy, Some Friends, and Other Personages–Stories and Subjects Mostly of Human Hearts